More than 1000 ACME Fixtures Shout Out at 2022 PLS Guangzhou!

In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, on February 25th, 2022 PLS Guangzhou officially kicked off!

The high-profile PLS unicorn show lived up to expectations, with countless fans on the first day of its launch. The theme of this stage show is "Awe of Time and Space, Chasing Light and Pursuing Dreams". The nearly 17-minute stage performance is dominated by circular and annular elements. The stage, lighting, and visual representations are all presented in curved surfaces and circles.

Bringing together pioneering acoustic and optoelectronic equipment to achieve a super hardcore sci-fi journey, with mechanical movement and LED screens to express ever-changing visual forms, ACME new and hot fixtures appeared on the stage show: PIXEL LINE IP, AECO 20, LEO,GEMINI, EYES Series and STAGE PAR ZOOM COLOUR, thousands of fixtures are on stage, bringing a unique sensory impact!


When experience and personalization become the main demands of consumers, the new baby of the PLS unicorn series - immersive entertainment space came into being! The first cross-industry, cross-brand, cross-format immersive entertainment space, the effect of moving the bar to the new model of the exhibition is amazing!

As the president of this immersive entertainment space, ACME is also the main lighting force.Thousands of fixtures from STROBE 3 IP, BIG BANG, HAIL, BONZAI 200,WILLOW 500,PIXEL 100/PIXEL POWER 8, collide with intense sparks. Gathering 13 manufacturers to create an "exquisite, real, dynamic, all-round without dead ends" infinitely changing entertainment experience space!

On the day of the exhibition, Hong Fei, the director of Guangzhou Xinyue Culture Technology Co., Ltd., who is the chief designer of the immersive entertainment space, was specially invited to tell us about the design concept of this stage.


During the exhibition, the live broadcast of Tik Tok was also introduced to reveal the secrets of the exhibition and let friends who could not be there in person see the real content.

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