China E-Sport, Infinite Possibilities

On August 26, 2018, the Jakarta Palembang Asian Games E-sports project started. This is a meaningful day for the world's countless e-sports fans and the traditional comprehensive sports meeting. It is also a milestone. This is the first time that E-sports has step foot on the stage of Asian Games, which proves that the attitude from mainstream society to the E-sports has changed.

Now the Chinese team have finished three events of 2018 Jakarta Asian Games E-sports, won two gold medal in "Arena of Valor" and "League of Legends", and one silver medal in "Royal War".

"Arena of Valor" is the first gold medal in the history of the Asian Games E-sports, which is also the historic moment of China's E-sports.

ACME as professional stage lighting supplier for 2018 Asian Games E-sports Show, not only support it on spiritual, but also fully assisted the national E-sports campaign. ACME provided 100pcs XP-280 BS stage moving heads for the stadium.

ACME always with E-sports athletes, cheering up for them. Witness the glorious moment when China's E-sports write in history forever!

The 2018 Jakarta Asian Games E-sports will be successfully completed on September 1st . Let us look forward Chinese national flag will fly again in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games E-sport competition.

China E-Sport, Infinite possibilities!!