The 9th Beijing International Film Festival

The People's Republic of China has founded for 70 years in 2019. Seventy years of vicissitudes, China's historical leap of world attention. The Chinese film industry has shown a strong momentum of development, attracting the attention of the world's filmmakers.

The 9th Beijing international film festival was held at the national China film digital production base in HuaiRou district, Beijing from 13rd to 20th April.

A series of wonderful activities centering on the theme of family and country, including the opening ceremony of the temple of heaven award, the main competition unit, and the closing ceremony of the film carnival and award ceremony. The annual international film festival is not only a feast for films, but also a gathering for filmmakers. The 9th Beijing international film festival opened with great pomp and circumstance at the gathering of Chinese and foreign filmmakers on 13rd April. The opening ceremony takes the family and the country as the main line of emotion, through the expression of the feelings of family and the country in the film by the filmmakers of various countries, carving the time corridor in the light and shadow, and using the vocabulary of film and stage art to find the spiritual home of Chinese and foreign filmmakers and audiences.

How to express the feelings of home through light, shadow and sound? For this reason, the opening ceremony of the film festival specially adopted ACME XP-20R BSW、XP-1000SZ F、CM-600Z、LED-ST5000 RGB、LED-PAR100 IP and so on. A total of 720 professional stage lamps and lanterns created a unique visual feast through meaningful and numerous light and shadow to present a gift for the 70th birthday of the motherland.

It was a very star-studded event, emboding Chinese filmmakers' simple feelings for the nation and the country. Let everyone in the warm moved hearten, ready to go, create a more brilliant future of the film.

The Beijing international film festival brings world cinema closer to Beijing.

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