Countdown 1000-Day To The Beijing Olympics In 2022 - Countdown 1000-Day To The Beijing Olympics In 2022 -

On the evening of May 11, 2019, the "Sparking Snow" - the theme concert of 1000-day Beijing Winter Olympics was held at the Beijing Music Park. It was a fascinating music feast for the winter Olympics, and the winter melody was fully presented. The event was supported by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. It was hosted by the Beijing Cultural Investment Group.

With the beautiful opening of the electric light show, the "Sparking snow" theme concert kicked off. The concert was hosted by CCTV host Meng Shengnan, national ice and snow sports promotion ambassador, Chinese mainland actor and singer Xu Weizhou. The structure was divided into three a chapter "The Moment in Beijing", "The Unforgettable Moment ", "The World Moment" .

In order to make every moment shining, the organizers chose ACME XP-20R BSW, XA-600 FRAMING, CM-600Z, etc. Nearly 400pcs ACME professional stage lightings danced around the Beijing Music Park, just liked the "Snowing snow", it was exciting.

Accompanied by the live singer Wang Hongwei and Li Hui sang the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 1000-day Beijing Music Park commemorative song - "Qing Xue Fei Hong", Jackie Chan, Wei Song, Chen Sisi, Wang Hongwei, Guo Feng, Huo Zun, Yu Kewei More than 20 musicians such as Xu Weizhou, Ping An, Chang Shilei, etc. also appeared in the audience, bringing the winter songs such as "Wake Up Winter", "Ice and Snow Dance", "Snow Love", "Reunion", and "I am in Beijing" “Beijing welcomes you” and other songs with the characteristics of Beijing's urban culture.

I wish the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held successfully.

Special Thanks

Lighting engineer:Beijing Zhonghe Guangyao Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Lighting director: Bian Shenghai

Lighting design : Qin Jiangyun

Lighting executor: Bian Shengshuang

Lighting Master: Wang Biao

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