ACME And MDC Give Singer-Songwriter Thumbs Up Together !

I am singer-songwriter "is a new in the second quarter of AIQIYI homemade S + blockbuster network ensemble, positioning ecological challenges show Chinese singing, rally Chinese music to sing for people, started a fight about music.


"I am singer-songwriter" to give artists more show not only the space of original music, more original music category network ensemble opened a good start. To sing for people, it is both a lyricist, composer, singing contest, and its strength were displayed at a time.


"I am singer-songwriter" to providing high quality music works, by singer-songwriter in the interpretation on the level of music, make people think and express in the process of our appreciation of music, a deeper level up the value of the music.


Every power to sing for people to build truly belong to own music, show the charm of original music for the audience and the story behind, with its infectious voice and emotion of progressive transformation of move.


ACME also by rendering stage out of the atmosphere, the "soul" of the original repertoire of three-dimensional present in front of the public, thumb up strength for the singing man hit the CALL!

Therefore, not only brought the ACME MDGS ATMe mist generator in Canada, also sent XP-20R BSW、CM-600Z、XP-380 BEAM、XA-1000 BSWF, etc.

Over more than 500 sets of ACME professional stage lighting and two (2) the MDGS ATMe mist generator work closely, perfect fit to sing as original music continues to transform different forms, there will be further enrich the people of ecological diversity, reveal its music attribute, multidimensional interesting music experience for fans.

Under the blessing of the MDGS in ACME, a new song + strong team intense format + + hot style team, "I am singer-songwriter" in the content level there are so many advantages factors, particularly favored by the audience, that is, a natural !


"2019 Chinese new grass machine," "I am singer-songwriter" on April 12 on Friday 20:00 iQIYI broadcast. You will sing for people how to build original music storm eye side? And what could be the music trend and collision sparks? Let's wait and see !


ACME with the MDG and fans,

Looking forward to hear more music works have attitudes have depth.

Special thanks to

Shanghai JieXin performing arts equipment co., LTD

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