ACME Lighting Creates ”Entertainment Space”—SCLUB Yichun

Jiangxi nightclub leading brand, SCLUB | Yichun Yueheng is leading the fashion of night culture.


Through the enjoyment of hearing and senses, the most intuitive aesthetics of science and technology are expounded, and the most touching light of science and technology is displayed.


Lighting is one of the building blocks of the PARTY CLUB. Inspired by the future technology, the space of more than 1800 square meters is given new life.


We selected ACME lighting, followed hadid's cutting concept and integrated future technology elements, and designed geometric alpha +APLUS accessible space.

Six groups of lifting machinery display matrix, with the natural advantage of no bearing column in the field, let the vision easily run through the whole field, and not miss every wonderful moment.


ACME lighting casts good quality from the hardware, subverts your aesthetic vision and makes you infatuated with every night.


The night and ACME light are merged to give the club soul and life, as the night looks like the constant of the moon, creating the most anticipated supreme entertainment space.

---------------- THE END --------------