ACME and YOFOTO Make the World More Beautiful

YOFOTO Sansheng(China) is a company driven by dreams, missions and values. With the vision of “Building a global brand with respected family health and becoming the most respected international company”, YOFOTO is a vision to integrated global resources and bring nature, healthy, high-quality products to families around the world, and use action to interpret the brand proposition of “natural vitality”.

In 2019, it was the 15th anniversary of YOFOTO Sansheng(China) and it was the year of Sansheng corporate culture. On June 14th, Sansheng(China) 2019 Glory Festival was held in Kuala Lumper, the capital of Malaysia. The theme of the celebration is “Run with the dream• Born with the new”, and to interpret Sansheng company’s charm and future from multiple dimensions such as “New Future”, ”New Products”, “New Shine”, “New Potential Energy” and “New Confidence”.

Therefore, YOFOTO Sansheng(China) used ACME XP-5R BEAM and XP-1000SZ T several ACME professional stage lightings and provided excellent and reliable lighting technology support for the entire venue, which created an unparalleled glory moment.

With the grand ceremony of the awards ceremony, ACME would witness the loyalty of the loyal and meritorious characters and listen to their deep love stories with Sansheng.

The value and significance of ACME and YOFOTO Sansheng(China)

is to make the world better!

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