ACME Paints Colorful Colors for the Wuhan Lotus Festival

On the evening of June 9, the 2019 Wuhan Lotus Festival, hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government and hosted by the Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, kicked off at the Hanyang Qintai Art Center.


On the side of the 10,000-acre lotus pond on the shore of the lake, the opening ceremony of the Wuhan Lotus Festival is mainly based on light and shadow show, water curtain show and drone flight performance, supplemented by laser show and beam light, to create a three-dimensional multi-level performance of water, land and air, showing "Wuhan In the summer, the theme of the Dutch-American world shows the triumph of Wuhan “10,000 mu of lotus pond, 10,000 pots of lotus plants, and thousands of lotus flowers”. This is another wonderful masterpiece after the shocking light show of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge!


In order to make the city's humanities and lotus scenery perfect, the organizers adopted ACME XP-380 BEAM and XP-16 BSW II professional stage lighting. On the huge canvas of Qintai Grand Theatre, waving "brush" for Wuhan The summer night sky is dyed with colorful light, which makes the Moon Lake Camp a dreamlike Penglai fairy.


This is also the first time that Wuhan has adopted a drone formation for light and shadow performances. 400 drones were constantly changing their shapes in the air. They are ingeniously integrated with ACME's lights, and the water, land, air and light show was staged, and the audience was full of surprises.


The whole light show scene blends and the artistic conception was far-reaching. Under the eye-catching ACME professional stage lighting, the light beam follows the rhythm of the grand music, and the beating notes seem to be covered with a colorful coat. The light and shadow here were passionately colliding. A scene was so beautiful that people couldn’t open their eyes!


This gorgeous water show of the lotus rhyme was broadcasted exclusively through the public news channel of Hubei, and was also broadcast live on the channels of Changjiang Yun, Sina Hubei, Phoenix Net Hubei, CCTV News, etc., allowing millions of TV viewers to watch this together.


In the cool breeze, the 1400-square-meter water curtain spread, and the light and shadow interweave. This summer, Wuhan issued an invitation to the world. ACME “Holly” went to the province of Qianhu and went to the Wuhan Lotus Festival for 2 months to enjoy the beautiful lotus feast.


Special Thanks

Lighting design: Wei Zheng

Lighting Programmer: SR Visual Design -- Yangyang

Executive company: Wuhan Tianrui Qilin Culture Media Co., Ltd.

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