ACME Witness The Singing Choice

In 2019, Beijing TV launched a new show The Singing Choice , committed to create a professional service platform for the musicians, this show invited the top producer of Chinese music to find the most suitable voice for their new songs, professional singer come here to audition the hit song and look for their next signature song.

As the first original music service program in domestic, The Singing Choice is honoured as "a desire" in the music program, the unique concept "music blind date" and "voice office" show a different way to the music show.

Also the programme groups put full emphasis on stage lighting visual effects, use ACME XA-1000 BSWF,CM-600Z II,XP-470 BSW,XP-330 BSW,TB-1230 QW,LED-BL4 and LED-ST5000, nearly 500 sets of ACME professional stage lighting with graceful singing dancing over the stage, countless colorful beams interwoven in the spot, blessing for the wonderful voice feast, witness the birth of the original hit songs!

The hit songs those finally rendered, are the subjective expression for the creation concept of the producer and singer, are the special feast of voice created by music artisans, they looking for pure voice, molding the soul of music.

Creator compose music with sincere heart, singer perform with whole heart, when the voice and melody in perfect combination, the hit song born. Under the rich and colorful lights of ACME, the audience and musicians resonate with melody.

Special thanks to

Lighting director: Yang Zhen

Lighting designer: Xia Chengwen

Implement company: Beijing Wuyuezhisheng culture communication co., LTD

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