“Fable” World Tour Let You Open Different World

When she reappeared on the stage, the high and penetrating voice stunned the years and flowed the time.
Special voice condition and exquisite voice production methods produce a very explosive dolphin sound, her most affectionate interpretation is enough to bring us the courage to overcome difficulties and give us the drive to move forward.
She is the queen Angela Zhang.

The queen threw everything in 2019, sang familiar songs to us in the original pure appearance.

We present the “Fable” World Tour together with IMC Live Global at the international and first-class level.

The concert invested millions of dollars to create ultra-shock lightings, dances and sound effects. The organizer used ACME professional stage lightings, REYN AUDIO classic audio equipment and Canadian MDG fog generators to cooperate with the tour production team to create a magnificent stage, which was mixing pop and art.


On Dec 7th, 2019

“Fable”World Tour Wuhan Station

At Wuhan Meeting Room, China Culture Expo Center.

 Equipment List
ACME professional lightings:
XP-1000 SZ、XP-1000 WZ、LED-BL4
nearly 600pcs
REYN AUDIO classic audio equipment:
nearly 110pcs
MDG fog generators:
In “Feble”World Tour, ACME new product CM-800Z IP waterproof moving wash lighting present excellent effect by visual.

It is with 19pcs x 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LED, excellent color macro effect, strong beam, optional multiple channels and pixel control via DMX and RDM, these functions make the lighting designer can flexibly switch colors, angles and lighting effects. Linear focus system with a zoom angle of 6°~40°, various strobe effect and 0~100% smooth dimming function can create a variety of dynamic psychedelic lighting effects and fully adapt to different stage application demand.

CM-800Z IP is a high-performance moving head light that combines powerful beam and wash function. It is equipped with a uniform color mixing system and IP66 protection level. It is not limited to outdoor and indoor use and can meet various places and applications. Such as concerts, TV studios, seminars, art exhibitions, etc.. This is specially designed for professional lighting performance 2-in1 moving head light.

In the journey of life, the queen Angela Zhang continued to draw artistic inspiration, turned into new musical works and the most special stage, presented to everyone the creative and meaningful concert finally.

MDG fog lingers around the queen Angela Zhang, under the illumination of ACME lights, the queen Angela Zhang perfectly interprets the music in the form of singing through REYN AUDIO, leading the audience to open the door of their “Feble World”in all aspects of audiovisual senses and reflect on the perception through music, re-thinking the meaning of personal experience through music, so that everyone can get resonance and new idea.

The “Feble”World Tour in 2019 has gone through Chengdu, Nanjing, Haikou, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, etc,. After 2020, it will continue to land in Shanghai, Jiangmen and other places.
Pictures from:IMC Live Global

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