200 ACME Fixtures Light up the Sci-fi Blockbuster Concert

From October 23rd to 24th, the "Alien" 2021 concert tour in Suzhou arrived as scheduled! Chinese-speaking talented creative musician took a"Giant Spaceship" to bring tens of thousands of fans an interstellar musical journey.

This concert was produced by Chao Shi Music, hosted by Taihe Music Group, and designed by SHOWIN. A "giant spacecraft" was built in the real scene above the stage. A total of 21 sets of lifting platforms and hundreds of dynamic organs were used to organically combine the "shape" and "intention" of the stage, and the design team finally presented the UFO stage creativity to the audience in a highly realistic manner.

A variety of different combinations of fixtures are set up above the stage. The lighting design relies on the huge stage structure to present more variable stage visual effects. More than 200 units of ACME SPARTAN HYBRID 3 in 1 moving head fixtures was decorated with stage lighting effects, with high-quality light sources, flexible zoom angles, excellent dynamic effects, and variable strobe speeds, creating a dynamic vision of light and shadow.

The spaceship landed shockingly, the tower of desire was thrilling, the carousel went out of the circle romantically, the high-altitude coercion astounded the audience. All of these elements made everyone remember for a long time and caused a sensation in the whole network. The production team has reached the ultimate perfect fit in the stage, lighting, and visual production, thus delivering a wonderful and shocking world of audio and entertainment science fiction to music fans!

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