ACME Lighting Shine in Prateek Kuhad Winter of '21 India Tour

Hailed by Rolling Stone India as “one of the country’s leading singer-songwriters,” Prateek Kuhad started Winter of '21 India Tour in December 2021.

The concert was designed by the famous local production team Ground Control. Naveen Deshpande served as the lighting design of the concert.Cooperated with the stage structure, a variety of ACME lighting fixture created a nice live atmosphere. On the dazzling stage, Prateek Kuhad brought warmth and emotion to fans with his soulful voice and melodious music!

Multiple ORION with 6000hours long lifespan were installed above the stage, which took advantage of its narrow beam angle to projects an ultra-compact beam effect.Meanwhile,colorful wash and abundant gobo effects were flexible on the stage.

SABER HYBRID with Philips16R light source which was distributed in the center of the stage unleashed an excellent and powerful beam,outstanding wash and dynamic effect.Complemented by flexible zoom angles, it easily presented a gradient and psychedelic visual effect.

Equipped with effect lights STAGE BLINDER IP WW2, its high light effect and various strobe speeds performed well for stage background in different song presentations.

Throughout the whole concert, Prateek Kuhad fascinated fans with his extraordinary live performances, while the unique and beautiful audio-visual enjoyment stirred everyone's hearts.

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