ACME SOLAR IMPULSE Embark on 2022 Tour with Tyler, The Creator

One of the most abstract and absurd individuals on the face of the planet, Tyler, The Creator, his ongoing Call Me If You Get Lost Tour is a testament to his continual growth – the lavish setting indicative of his accrued accolades, telling his story through decadent interactivity and the energy his fans have come to adore.

Tyler’s 34-date tour started back on February 10 and will end on April 8 in Seattle. The tour includes special guests Kali Uchis, Vince Staples, and Teezo Touchdown. The stage was set to fit the luxurious vibe of Call Me If You Get Lost, fitted with a manor and balcony, a teal Rolls-Royce, and even a boat that was fixed to the floor. Tyler was using the props in really interesting ways, navigating to the other smaller stage with the various means of transportation.

His 1-hr set was packed with incredible production value: from a full house with a balcony on stage, an insane amount of pyrotechnics, and a b-stage covered in vegetation to which he traveled on an actual yacht, fans got their money’s worth of stunts. To provide the tour with dynamic and reliable lighting, the lighting director selected the powerful but energy-saving LED-powered ACME SOLAR IMPULSE as the major light. Its breakthrough 1000W white LED engine, produces an output of over 35,000lumens, and is the perfect replacement for all max-strength spotlight fixtures with discharge lamps up to 1400W.

Also masterfully combines Beam, Spot, and Wash capability with a 4-blade framing shutter - making four functions in one solidly-built unit. The 5-50˚(1:10 ratio) zoom is smooth and consistent throughout the entire range, with no hitches or pauses. With its CRI 90/70 switch and choice of light or heavy frost filters, it is an attractive option for various applications including video shoots, concerts, and more.

Tyler kept fans engaged from start to finish and the crowd’s passion and ardor were at peak form. It was definitely special to see live music again and Tyler was the perfect candidate to remind us how great concerts are.

Photo Credit by: Marie Demeire, Sheldon Kearse / CLTure, Jennifer Moore, Michael Baran, Jeni Clark, Abigail Bailey, Gabriella Whitman

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