ACME Lights The JJ20 World Stadium Tour

Renowned Singaporean singer-songwriter, the one and only JJ-Lin has brought to the world his elaborately planned world tour and made its first international stop at the National Stadium. The tour was designed to celebrate the milestone in his 20-year-long prolific career, and saw him perform some of his biggest hits from previous debut albums and even two unleased new songs.

Photo by JFJ Productions

There is nothing more affectionate and soft than JJ’s song content, melodics and vocal power. It is a diverse trip down the memory where you shifted from sweet reminders of the time spent with your loved ones to the sharpest pain of letting them go, from the undying theme of overcoming hardships and thriving with hope to a lightweight yet meaning lesson of hard work and self-independence. Furthermore, he has such a distinct timber and knows when to restrain or release that the interaction and communication of the songs was always done successfully and beautifully. That’s how powerful JJ is to easily touch the heartstrings of audience.

Photo by JFJ Productions

However, that’s not the end of what JJ was capable of. He and his first-class team put their hearts and souls to deliver the best stage effect. Teaming up with one of Makoto Shinkai’s crew, JJ changed into an animated image in the screen. Through his eyes, the audience witnessed his self-growth and exploration thus far. These animations covered many aspects as to love and companionship, merits of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and the most experienced self-struggle and courage. The visuals were designed to cohere with the hopeful message where warm sunshine casted on JJ’s piano, the gallant fighter rambled on a luxuriant prairie, white and pure clouds swept through the bluish sky. Their collaboration matched perfectly and it surely resonated with fan’s true feelings in a pure, innocent and encouraging way.

Photo by JFJ Productions

What’s more, he added special sauce to amplify the visuals by incorporating ACME products.

Firstly, our superstar SOLAR FLARE, one of the latest revolutionary products, is an impactful moving head. It boasts 1000w White LED light source with 35,000-lumen output, 4x fast and smooth framing shutters, presenting an optimal performance. Multifarious and colorful patterns shot out from a fixed gobo of 8 images, a rotating gobo of 6 images and one color wheel of 5 colors plus white. The effects section also includes a motorized and linear iris, two new material frost filters, not to mention new heat management to effectively dissipate heat in low-volume, demonstrating ACME’s humanistic care in design for our customers.

SPARTAN HYBRID, one single unit, is qualified to produces outstanding beam, spot or wash performance, the corresponding zoom range for each mode is 2-7°, 5-32°, 8-70° to make sure delivering a powerful, sharp beam and cover a large area. One of the highlights of it is that it guarantees the most varied color effect. There are three color wheels, each with 5 colors plus open and rainbow effect, one rotating gobo wheel with 7 patterns, one static gobo wheel with 18 patterns plus open, giving you everything you want while maintaining cost-effective characteristic.

Photo by JFJ Productions

STAGE PAR 400 ZOOM IP, also IP66 rated, is smaller and lighter. This 7x30W Osram RGBW 4in1 LED radiates smooth color mixing and variable preset macro effects. What’s amazing about it is that it adjusts CCT from 3,200 to a surprising 10,000 kevin, and that can change the DMX address code, reset the lighting, transform the voice control mode by console.

Of course we hate to forget our old friend DOTLINE360. Its power was demonstrated clearly in a few large-scale events. Equipped with 12x 30WRGBW LEDs, it’s packed tightly to give a full linear light from a 1 meter bar. With a 1:11 zoom ratio from 3.5-38˚, it ranges from a very narrow-angle light curtain effect to a wide-angle wash bar. These fixtures have provided the JJ’s team with incredible reliability across a variety of applications—from high-intensity strobe lighting to a lasting longevity of 30,000 hours.

THUNDERSTRUCK strikes you concertgoers with unparalleled mesmerizing lighting. This full-color, RGBW 4-in-1 SMD LED strobe is equipped with 2,304x 0.8W LEDs, delivering an incredible 70,000 lumen output with a super-fast strobe pulse. 12 individually controllable segments make sure wide-range coloring as convenient and smooth as possible.

Last but not least, STAGE BLINDER IP WW2 has a stylish Blinder appearance. This 2x 125W LED module has multiple, easily-located rotation angles and class-leading ultra-high brightness. And the unique tungsten effect will give you a refreshing and striking visual experience. It has a natural and excellent thermal quality—warm and glowing so beautifully that we are all drawn towards.

All in all, ACME is dedicated to delve into lighting quality and exhilarated to cooperate with JJ Lin and be able to produce high-quality, engaging lighting results.

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