ACME Integrates with Eason’s FEAR AND DREAMS Concert

Eason, a renowned Hong Kong singer and actor was back with his FEAR AND DREAMS concert which took place on December 9th, 2022 at Hong Kong Coliseum. From this month to January 2023, he will hold 25 concerts to give his long-awaiting fans who had so much pent-up feelings during the three-year epidemic a musical and visual feast.

In terms of stage design, Eason and his team made an ingenious plan by decorating the whole stage into a space museum. The stage was set to go dark with dimming lights. Amid cheers and applause of fans, it was shown on the screen that Eason was lying on a floating bed in space, surrounded by beetles and spiders, and with the fog effect sprayed by atmosphere machines- MDG theONE, it felt like a classic and dreamy adventure into space.

Later he sang many popular songs for which the stage design was crafted correspondingly and thoughtfully. ACME 4-in-1 SOLAR FLARE worked with his touching and unique voice. A series of visual effects were displayed from emitting well-defined beams to a bidirectional rotating prism effect to serve the purpose of blending the setting harmoniously with feelings.

The projection display extended from the top of the Coliseum to the platform of the stage, bringing an immersive visual engagement to the audience. DOTLINE360 were set up on the top and bottom of the stage to achieve full coverage of the stage. With its quality 12 30W RGBW LEDs it clearly highlighted Eason standing on the lifting platform.

OXOZONE on the top made the washing effect even more extreme. 19 40W LEDs created clear and wide-range beam and wash coverage with exceptional mixed colors, encouraging the right atmosphere for different songs.

This long-awaited musical feast finally returned. The appearance of Eason surely made audiences roar! His exquisite and husky voice and affectionate singing sparked up fans’ hearts. The FEAR AND DREAMS concert will continue at Hong Kong Coliseum. We are expecting to see more excellent performances by him.

Special Thanks to

Lighting Team:team sparking

Chief Lighting Designer:Zhang yilong

Lighting Designer:He shudi

Lighting Techs:Chen haoming, Huang xianwei, Cai haoxuan



DOTLINE360 222pcs

OXOZONE 104pcs

MDG theONE 2pcs

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