Megastar Chou Makes A Dramatic Return to Singapore WITH ACME

King of mandopop Chou’s Carnival World Tour to commemorate his 20th year in showbiz has kept eager fans waiting for almost three years. But it was totally worth the waits. The concert took place over two days, on Dec. 17 and 18 at Singapore National Stadium. Fans had the luxury of reliving the superstar’s newly released songs and some classic masterpiece. Chou even skillfully played several instruments such as piano, guitar, Guzheng. What an energizing, immersive and top-quality music carnival it was.

As music intro started, Chou showed up dressed in a specially customized cowboy outfit. Crowds are screaming high when he played handsome basketball moves with dancers. The shiny pink basketball was dealt skillfully by Chou to the fascinating rhythm, which fans found irresistibly fun. ACME pushed forward the dazzling effect with DOTLINE360, a high-power fixture equipped with 12x 30WRGBW LEDs. This wash bar is capable of delivering excellent and smooth multi-colored light at a 1:11 zoom ratio.

Besides lighting, we also supplied our audio sets, which had been a tradition. Reyn Audio, a branch of ACME, specializes in researching and manufacturing of audio facilities. This time, we provided a variety of products to amplify the best music quality regarding 100 RL1 boxes, 88 RL1 SUB subwoofers, 6 RL0.5 loudspeakers, 4 RL0.5 SUB subwoofers, 24 M600 foldback speakers and 108 X4 amplifiers.

It was reported that other stops in the tour after Singapore include Malaysia, Sydney, Hong Kong. We are expecting more visually and audibly captivating concerts of his and more cooperation in the future.


DOTLINE360 98 pcs

RL1 100 sets

RL1SUB 88 sets

RL0.5 6 sets

RL0.5SUB 4 sets

M600 24 sets

X4 108 sets

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