ACME Succeed Glittered up CCTV Broadcast Studio

7th February 2015, Guangzhou, China-ACME, Recently, new CCTV studio was officially put into multiple functions and created a new visual highlights for the majority of the audience. New layout design, HD LED screen used live streaming platform in modern perceptions, CW-150, TB-8-10FC, owned by ACME shines equally between the new studios.

        As the highest standard national news Studio, CCTV put into famous American designer Jim Fenhagen design style tends to be more internationalized, and refreshing either partitions, wood, lighting effects, are different from the styles of the past. ACME 106 sets of CW-150, 7 set of TB-8-10FC, CCTV-4, CCTV-13 and other news studio gorgeous appearance, effectively guarantee the studio gloss, provides glare-free, accurate and stable color temperature and high quality lighting, meet the press telecast needs.

       CW-150 is one of the ACME entertainments staining lights star products, with 7X10W Quad-color LED as the light source, with a range of choice of control mode and channel mode, can be varied for the stage to create a gorgeous and colorful Visual, catering to different performance atmosphere needed. TB-8-10FC also have a strong staining capabilities, 8X10W CREE LED can build a strong Quad-color light output, excellent rendering, can be equipped with 20 °, 30 °, 40 ° , 60 ° lens, TB-8-10FC can adapt to different ambient lighting demands for the studio, bar, stage performances, clubs and other occasions.