ACME Boosted the Opening of Club Sir.Teen

15th May 2015, Guangzhou China-ACME. After 780 days and at a cost of 90 million, Club Sir.Teen was opened up on 13th May under the witness of hundreds of social elites and guests. As Club Sir.Teen’s exclusive lighting supplier, over 200 sets of ACME high-quality products grandly debuted and brought the new night life style and “Perfect” light vision with shocked and bright lighting effect.

The representative work of luxury club in Beijing –Club Sir.Teen breaks through the traditional club mode in order to reposition the Beijing high-end night club by the luxury and fashionable style. On that day, various brilliant activities and performances attracted lots of attentions. The party of Club Sir.Teen started with the dynamic music, people danced to the rhythm and showed the splendidness in everywhere.

Over 200 sets of ACME high-quality products, such as 20 sets of XP-1000SZ C, 18 sets of CM-600Z, 18 sets of XP-16R Beam, 132 sets of AE-710 Beam, and 32 sets of CB-16TC, perfectly matched with the luxury style of Club Sir.Teen, and created the wonderful atmosphere as well as a fresh visual impact with the dazzling lighting. The rhythmic music integrated with high-end fashion, and the lighting rendered the club with gorgeous colors, which gave a luxury night to all the customers.