Spotrack TrACME®

Spotrack TrACME®

Spotrack TrACME – A visual tracking system Make your follow spots creativity




Spotrack TrACME®

Brief Introduction

Spotrack TrACME from Ireland is a visual tracking system that allows moving lights to be used as followspots. Controlling the lights is intuitive, and the following motion is smooth, precise and accurate. Effectively improve work efficiency and safety, while saving labor and costs.

This modern follow spotting system can works with any moving lights & consoles, allows the lighting designer to use a moving light in a cue as follow spot or in the next lighting cue to use the moving light as a moving light.

In 2019, ACME became the general agent of Spotrack in China as well as the distributor in Asia. Cooperated to develop a whole new model - TrACME tracking system which special for ACME, widely used in TV programs, Evening parties, Concerts and other large-scale activities, and is highly appreciated by lighting designers and production teams, etc.

The operator can be located in a backstage area, or wherever convenient, following the performance via a full stage view from the TrACME camera & display screen. Moreover, the performers NO need to rehearse their moves in advance.

TrACME is more than just a follow spot system. It was created as a lighting designers tool. It gives a lighting designer the ability to paint their stage and set like a painter would paint a canvas.

The designer has the ability to change the color of the follow spot, the intensity, the shape of the beam or any of the other parameters of the moving light as the performer is being followed.

Technical & Specification

Physical parameters

  • Operating voltage: AC 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Total power: 160W
  • Size: 745mm * 635mm * 905mm (with flight case)
  • Weight: 93kg (with flight case)
  • Link mode: 1x TrACME system can control 4x moving lights
  • One flight case included:
    • 1x TrACME tracking system
    • 1x 27 inch display screen
    • 1x Keyboard
    • 1x Mouse
    • 4x Diaphragm
    • 2x HDI-SDI diaphragm
    • 1x HD-SDI camera
    • 1x CA-EN28 converter
    • 1x Ethernet switch