Functional Overview

The STAGE BLINDER IP CW equips 2 x 110W cool white LED, an LED fixture with a classic Blinder appearance. Fitted with the special patented plug and bracket, this item can be easily combined with each other or other BL200 series by horizontal or vertical installation, or rigged without any tools, for adding creative options, and offering multiple located rotation angles.

Brighter than the traditional audience blinder, with an outstanding variable speed strobe effect and IPX4 protection rating, the STAGE BLINDER IP CW is suitable for large and medium-sized concerts, variety acts and other professional stage or entertainment applications requiring a striking visual impact.


  • Light Source: 2 x 110W cool white LED
  • Color Temperature: 5000±300K
  • Beam Angle: 50°
  • 0~100% smooth dimming
  • Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed
  • Multiple units can be joined in horizontal and vertical rapidly without accessary or tool
  • Provide multiple rotation angles, each of them can be located easily
  • Ultra-high brightness, higher than traditional spectator lamp
  • Compact design, excellent thermal design, easy to install
  • Suitable for large and medium concerts, events, professional stages, and entertainment venues where needs high brightness environment
  • Flicker free management
  • Dust-proof and oil-proof design
  • Protection Rating: IPX4
  • Maximum QTY of connnection:
    • 230V,50Hz: 8 sets
    • 120V,60Hz: 4 sets

Technical & Specification


  • BL-200 CW

Light Source

  • Light Source: 2 x 110W cool white LED
  • LED life expectancy: 10000 hours

Optical System

  • Advanced optical system to ensure clear and excellent static effect
  • Beam Angle: 50°

Control and Program

  • 4 buttons
  • Display: LED display
  • Protocols: DMX512
  • DMX Protocol modes: 4
  • Control channels: 1,2,4,6
  • Dimmer: 8 bit or 16 bit
  • Upgrade the firmware via DMX link

Electrical and Connectors

  • Power supply with electronic auto-ranging
  • Input voltage range: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 235 W
  • Waterproof Power Connector in/out
  • Data in/out: 3-pin or 5-pin XLR

Fixture Specification

  • Height: 200 mm (6.8")
  • Width: 215 mm (8.4")
  • Depth: 400 mm (15.7")
  • Weight: 6.8 kg (14.9 lbs)

Work Environment

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Maximum surface temperature: 65°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: 0°C
  • Protection Rating: IPX4


  • CE Compliant


  • Horizontally or vertically mounting are available
  • Operating position is universal
  • The feet support with 3 locking points
  • Safety cable attachment point

Included Items

  • Digital User Manual

Optional Accessories (with item code)

  • Flight Case:3205001171(8 in 1)
  • Clamp:2060001632(C-250B)
  • Hanging bracket:50137301601100
  • Safety cable: 2060000200(SW-02)




Optional Accessories


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STAGE BLINDER IP Series Catalogue
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User Manual
STAGE BLINDER IP WW CW User Manual B Version
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STAGE BLINDER IP Series Hanging Dimension
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Firmware updates
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Compliances & Declarations
STAGE BLINDER IP (BL-200 XX) CE Certification
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