Functional Overview

ACME HAIL, being inspired by the elements hails hammering down from the heavy rainstorm, it comes to a beyond thinking in our industry again. We are creating a multipurpose light panel that has dynamic strobes, powerful pointing beams, and a good quality flood wash. The bold attempt - Smart Glass Technology that we have just applied on the Pixel Line IP(PATENTED) is gaining huge success in the market, then we decide to make another push into the new HAIL strobe. The controllable electronic frost function would fit kinds of soft appearance contrast to the past effect lights. Equipped with 240 x 15W RGBW LEDs and 30 x 10W Cold White pixel beam in a parallel layout, RGBW LEDs are divided into 30 sections together with the Cold White Pixel Beams at 3.5 output degrees are suspended in the middle (PATENTED). What a creative effects combo! The saturated color mixing system allows us to have a RA≥90 performance in full output and a variety of programed light effects.

The friendly installing structure will be our main concern. A pair of fully-new designed foldable clamps have been integrated with the yoke. Two hiding twist-lock under the housing helps the fast positioning matrix line up. All-weather application fits for Concert Touring, TV shows, cooperated Events and EDM show, numerous innovative achievements.

ACME HAIL, a new definition of strobe art.


  • Light Sources:
    • 240 x 15W RGBW LED
    • 30 x 10W CW LED
  • Beam Angle:
    • RGBW: 104°
    • Cold White Beam: 3.5°
  • 30 Controllable sections of RGBW area
  • 30 Shot out sections of Cold White Beams
  • Applied the Smart Glass as frontal glass, providing changeable frosted/transparent effect
  • Individual powerful beams output in a creative way
  • Outstanding color mixing
  • Dynamic strobing vivid effect
  • Hiding twist-lock design for quickly tool-free combining
  • 0~100% Smooth Dimming
  • Four preset dimming curves apply to different effect applications

Technical & Specification



Light Source

  • Light Sources:
    • 240 x 15W RGBW LED
    • 30 x 10W CW LED
  • Color Temperature(CW): 6,300K
  • LED life expectancy: 20,000 hours

Optical System

  • Advanced optical design to ensure LED chips tightly arranged
  • Beam Angle:
    • RGBW: 104°
    • CW Beam: 3.5°
    • Full Open under frosted: 110°
  • Field Angle:
    • RGBW: 140°
    • CW Beam: 7°

Control and Program

  • 4-Button touch panel
  • Display: Color Display
  • Protocols: DMX512,RDM,Art-Net,sACN
  • DMX Protocol modes: 10
  • Control channels: 10/17/24/21/26/36/41/61/150/158
  • Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade via DMX link

Electrical and Connectors

  • Input Voltage Range: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 1,570 W
  • Power In/Out: Waterproof Power Connector In/Out
  • Data in/out: 3-pin/5-pin Waterproof XLR Socket,RJ45 In & Out

Fixture Specification

  • Width: 483 mm (19")
  • Depth: 212 mm (8.4")
  • Height: 259 mm (10.2")
  • Weight: 14 kg (30.9 lbs)

Flight Case Specifacition

  • Width: 1180 mm (46.4")
  • Depth: 625 mm (24.6")
  • Height: 475 mm (18.7")
  • Weight: 97.5 kg (215 lbs) (include flight case,quad loader case)

Carton Specifacition

  • Width: 590 mm (23")
  • Depth: 320 mm (13")
  • Height: 390 mm (15")
  • Weight: 16.5 kg (36.4 lbs)(include carton,one-pack per carton)

Work Environment

  • Protection rating: IP66
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: -10°C
  • Maximum surface temperature: 65°C


  • Available in horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Universal operating position
  • Safety Rope Hole

Factory Configuration

  • Digital User Manual
  • Power Cable

Optional Accessories (with item code)

  • Signal Line: 3-pin or 5-pin XLR signal line
  • Safety cable: 2060000200 (SW-02)
  • Quad-Loader Flight Case: 3205001311



Optional Accessories


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