ACME and MDG Together Bring Different Pure Color for the Zhejiang Satellite TV Show The Treasured Voice

The Treasured Voice is the music show created by Zhejiang Satellite TV on 2020. With the slogan "sound gathers strength, music comforts the soul", the show bring a real music party to the audiences from the sound.


From The voice of China to The voice of dreams, Zhejiang TV's music programs have been well affirmative by the insiders and the audience.

The Treasured Voice is the all new music show that breakthrough the normal music programs framework. The show becomes very popular since it began to broadcast on the first day and the ratings climbing very fast and the reputation is very good.


This is not only because the well Pluralistic chorus from the music partner, but also the High quality adapted performance stage which many people praise.


How to make sure all the different type songs can play ideally? And how to combine different music partners’ performance style together and make sure each will has its own characteristic? The design of Stage lighting is the most important.

So the show has chosen around 800 equipment of ACME SOLAR FLARE II 、SPARTAN HYBRID C、SUPER GEIST FRAMING、STAGE PAR COLOUR 、PAGEANT 600Z II and OXYGEN products. Also there are two MDG Fog Generators used on the show.

Under the fog effect created by MDG fog generators, The ACME products bring different pure color with various music and performance, and covey the best music to the audiences.


Different famous singers who create various popular songs cooperate with each other on the stage, play the music, improve professional skills, the singers and their music partners together to complete various refreshing " music work".


The show will keep going forward under the support of ACME Lighting and MDG, and bring the impeccable sound magic feast to the audience.


The cooperation will be continued, and what “new created songs” music partners will show to the audiences? The answers will be on every Saturday 22:30 P.M The Treasured Voice. The show are also presented on Tencent, Youku, Iqiyi and China Blue TV on the same time.

Special Thanks to

The lighting design team: Tian Yi Jun, Lu Xiao Wei.


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